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  • I came across this blog and the superb article on Conrad Salinger and his orchestrations while doing research for a possible high quality but non professional stage production of Meet Me in St. Louis. As you probably know the arrangements for the stage show are simply not in the same class as Salinger’s and I would dearly love to know if any of his arrangements are available for purchase or hire for a production in Canada.

    I also have some early plans for a concert of film music with a symphony size orchestra, along the lines of the 2009 BBC Proms concert mentioned in the article. Can you help me locate available arrangements such as John Wilson’s that I could acquire for such a concert along with any other sources of the original orchestral arrangements from those glorious films.

    Also, I would like to open such a concert with the Alfred Newman’s well known 20th Centrury Fox fanfare but, to date, I have not been able to locate any availability of orchestral parts. Do you know if these are available anywhere?

    • Hi! Glad you enjoyed the article. As you know, 99.9% of the original scores are now residing as landfill under an LA golf course. But I believe the reconstructed scores are copyrighted to Warner Bros, so you may wish to contact their music publishing team. Alternatively, you could try http://www.joannkanemusic.com/ who posted a photo of Salinger’s “Singin’ In The Rain” score on their Twitter page, or contact John Wilson via his website http://www.johnwilsonorchestra.com/contact/
      I believe Johnny Green rescued a handful of Salinger originals from the MGM files before they were discarded – I *think* “The Trolley Song” might be among that collection, along with “The Heather On The Hill” from Brigadoon. Finally, I would advise you to contact George Feltenstein at Warner Archive, who has done much to preserve and promote the legacy of MGM Musicals throughout the past 30 years via assorted VHS, Laserdisc, CD, DVD and Blu-ray releases for MGM/UA, Rhino Records and Warner Home Video.

      Good luck with your projects, and thanks for being so committed to using the original Salinger orchestrations!

  • I have encountered a great deal of interesting information in my quest for MGM orchestrations although I have not found any source from which I can rent or purchase any material.

    I am, however, seeking to include the song “You and I” from the MGM film Meet Me in St. Louis in the stage production I am conducting in December of 2015. I have not been able to locate any orchestral material for the song but would be very interested in acquiring a copy of the sheet music which I understand was published.

    Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy?

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